RISE offers academic support and college preparation programs for low-income At-Promise youth who will be attending Berkeley High Schools. Our goals are to help students graduate on time and encourage them to pursue higher education. We achieve these goals by reducing outside barriers that interfere with personal and academic wellness through Summer Bridge Transition, Academic Mentoring, Counseling, Advocacy and Enrichment Activities.


Summer Bridge Transition: Bridge is a  five-week transition program for incoming ninth graders. Bridge strengthens Mathematics and English abilities and builds enduring positive relationship among students and RISE staff. On the camping trip students participate in team and character building activities, informational workshops and recreation. The Proceeding weeks involve intensive Mathematics and English classes, guest speakers, workshops,Q&A panel of current/former Berkeley High students, and an Introduction to BHS graduation and college admission requirements.


Homework AssistanceAcademic Support: Our goals are homework assistance, test preparation and reading comprehension improvement. In addition to the academic aspects of our tutorial, we also hold youth groups that vary in discussion topic. we assist the students with application for colleges and scholarships, and provide encouragement to participate in other educational and academic program such as computer coding camps. global environmental recovery programs, and more.


Rise_300x169College Tours: Sophomores  visit Northern California colleges. Juniors who have completed the Rise requirements for college preparation are eligible to attend a 4-day visit to selected Southern California colleges and universities. The students visit as many California institutes if higher education as possible, which include guided tours, meeting with professors and college students. RISE graduates attending these colleges give tours of the campus and share their high school to college experience.


Case ManagementCase Management: Case Manager meet with students twice a month to discuss academic success, anger management, post graduation goals and assists with personal/family concerns. students are encouraged and supported to become active learners and self advocates. Rise partners with other social service agencies to assist with legal support, language translation, mental health, and other social resources.


Field Trips, and Fun!Enrichment Activities: Rise believes that diligent students should be rewarded with field trips and activities that allow them to relax and build positive friendships with their peers and with our RISE staff. Past trips have included: lunch or dinner, movies, arcades, bowling, college tours, ethic studies conferences, dragon boat classes, water rafting, deep sea fishing, camping, Great America and Six flags Marine World and Lake Tahoe. These activities are often first time experiences for our youth and gives them experiences outside of their immediate neighborhood, and designed to be fun and broaden their world-view.


IMG_0658 (1)Danza: Founded in 1994 to support native youth through traditional teachings. The group provides youth with the support for positive self-identity and healthy lifestyles through ancient cultural teachings. The activities include dancing, drumming. singing, Nahuatl language, ceremonies, presentations and exchange with other indigenous youth nationally and internationally.